Our goal at The Market is to offer the community options. One of those options is  Raw Milk. There are a couple of different choices avaialble.

In-Store Option:

This would be grain fed Ayrshire and Jersey cow milk sold by the gallon and half gallon and will be restocked weekly. The milk comes in glass jars that can be returned to us.

Herd Share Option:

The herd share will have more choices such as grass fed and A2A2, but is also more expensive (see pricing info below). To participate in the herd share you would put an initial deposit down to buy your "share" of a dairy cow. You would then pay for however much milk you'd like each delivery. This milk would be delivered every other week.

Both of these options are through Indiana dairies and are not run by Midwest Prime Farms.

Raw milk is illegal to sell for human consumption in Indiana UNLESS you own the cow (or part of the cow). This is why you buy a share of the cow in a herd share program. This is also why we can have raw milk for sale in store, but it will be labeled as "pet use". What you do with it after you buy it is up to you. ;-)


What is Raw Milk?

Raw milk is cow or goat milk that has not been pasteurized.


Are there health benefits from consuming raw milk?

I am not a doctor but I do know that there are many testimonies from people who claim health benefits after consuming raw milk. I recommend doing your research.

Here are a couple of links to learn more:

Raw Milk Institute

Weston A. Price Foundation

For more information please feel free to email me at heather@midwestprimefarms.com.


Below is pricing and information for the Herd Share Program through Pastures Delight in Decatur.

Pastures Delights has several types of milk / herdshare options available


General Guidance:

Grass Fed A1 Cow: This is our flagship, and most popular, herdshare program. 


Grass Fed A2A2 Cow: If you have dairy allergy sensitivities, or simply just prefer a premium milk, then this program is for you. Learn more about A2A2 cow milk here.


Non-GMO grain-fed Cow: For those who are okay with cows receiving some grain and/or are budget conscious. Grain-fed cows are milked last and diverted to a separate area after milking where they consume their non-gmo grain mixture. They then rejoin the 100% grass fed herd to graze / eat hay & relax until the next milking. 


Non GMO grain-fed Goat: Goat milk has a lot of reputations - and we’re glad to produce goat milk that tastes great, has a relatively long shelf life (13-15 days), and most importantly is an excellent choice of milk for young children and people sensitive to cow milk. Goats are fed hay, non-gmo alfalfa pellets, and are supplemented with 1-2 lbs non-gmo grain once per day during milking. We endeavor to avail milk from forage only (no grain) fed goats spring 2023. 


Only vs. Priority Flex vs. Economy Flex. For each kind of milk (grass fed A2 cow, grass fed A1 cow, grain supplemented cow, and grain supplemented goat there are 3 types of herdshare programs.


Only: Get a specific kind of milk 100% of the time. Program where herdowner will accept only that type of milk (i.e. A2 cow, goat) and will not accept any other type of milk during periods of low / no milk production of that type of milk. This program prioritizes specific kind of milk for the person who may be allergic and/or have issues with other types of milk. Think of a person who will only fly first class.


Priority Flex: Get your preferred kind of milk approx 80% of the time. Program where herd owner who places high value for a specific type of milk (i.e. grass-fed A1, A2 cow, goat) but is willing and able to receive a different type of milk during periods of low / no milk production of their primary milk preference. Think of person who prefers flying first class, but will fly business / coach class.


Economy Flex:  Get preferred kind of milk only approximately 30% of the time, and their secondary option approx 70% of the time.  Program where herd owner who has a preference for a certain type of milk, supply permitting, but is willing to easily accept a different kind of milk during low / no milk production of their preferred milk. Think of person flying who is expecting to fly coach class but will take the upgrade to business / first class if available. 


Fresh Only:  Milk deliveries are biweekly (every two weeks). Typically a herdowner receives a portion of their milk that can be up to 7 days old, and the rest that is fresher (up to 3 days old). Note: some people believe fresher milk is better, safer and are concerned milk will not last two weeks. If raw milk cannot / does not stay good quality when kept cold in storage, then there is a milk quality issue. We pride ourselves on producing raw milk that can last 2+ weeks (in proper cold storage) as that is an indicator of milk quality. However, if one insists we provide fresh (only) milk we can do that. The fresh only premium is 25% over the normal weekly boarding rate with whatever program you are partaking in. 

If you would like to get started receiving REAL milk from Pastures Delights, please complete the Sign-Up order webform.  When choosing a pick-up location, please choose Lafayette. In the notes section please put Oxford/ beginning of October.


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