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THIS ITEM DOES NOT SHIP. Farm pick-up or West Central Indiana delivery only.

Interested in buying a whole beef?  We do this in very limited quantities so snag yours now! Dates available are listed below. We take all of the guesswork out of it for you.

How much does it cost to buy a whole cow?

Price for a whole cow that is processed and packaged by the cut is 

$3,285. This comes out to $9 per pound. You cannot beat getting t-bones, filet, ribeyes... for that price. This includes all cuts listed below and the processing.

How much meat do I get from a whole cow?

You will get 365 pounds of pasture raised, hormone & antibiotic free, non-GMO angus beef.

A Whole Beef Includes:

60 pounds of steak

  • 30 pounds premium (t-bone, ribeye, bone-in ribeye, filet, NY strip)
  • 30 pounds other (sirloin, cubed, hanger, flank, skirt)

70 pounds of roast (assortment of rump, chuck, sirloin tip)

175 pounds of ground beef (1 pound packages)

25 pounds of patties (3 patties per 1 pound package)

35 pounds of other cuts (brisket, stew, short ribs)

You can also choose the add-on package that includes- liver, kidney, heart, tongue, oxtail, and shank)


How much freezer space do I need for a whole cow?

The rule of thumb is to allow one cubic foot of freezer space for every 35-40 pounds of meat. So a 12 cubic foot freezer should do the trick. I would suggest getting a little bit larger than that so that you have room to organize your cuts a little better. 

When will I receive my meat?

Your beef will be ready for pickup or delivery approximately four weeks after the "delivered to processor date" that you choose.

Where do I pick up my beef?

If you live in west central Indiana, we would be happy to deliver. Counties that we deliver to are Benton, Boone, Carrol, Clinton, Hamilton, Hendricks, Jasper, Marion, Newton, Parke, Putnam, Warren, White, Fountain, Tippecanoe, Vermillion. You can also pick up your beef on our farm outside of Williamsport, Indiana. 

Is a whole beef too much meat for you? Try our half beef, or quarter beef instead. 


  • 100% Pasture Raised
  • Grass & Grain Fed Premium Beef
  • Raised Without Hormones or Antibiotics

  • Dry-Aged

  • USDA Inspected

  • Premium Vacuum Sealed Packaging
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Insert a meat thermometer probe into the thickest part of the meat to take the temperature.


  • Dark meat (thigh, leg): 170º to 175º
  • White meat (breast, wing): 160º to 165ºF


  • Medium-rare: 120º
  • Medium: 135º

Beef & Lamb

  • Rare: 125°
  • Medium rare: 130° to 135°
  • Medium: 135° to 140°
  • Medium well: 140° to 150°
  • Well done: 155+°
  • Ground: 160°


  • Medium rare: 145°
  • Medium: 150°
  • Well done: 160°
  • Ground: 160°