Everything You Need to Know About Freezer Beef

What is freezer beef?

Freezer beef (also known as bulk beef or a quarter or half of beef) is when you purchase a portion of a cow from a farmer, rather than individual cuts. This allows you to save money by buying in bulk and customizing your order. The meat is usually frozen and stored in a chest freezer until it is needed.


How much meat do you get from a whole cow?

On average, you can expect to get around 450 lbs of meat when purchasing a whole cow. This includes the cuts that are suitable for steaks, roasts and ground beef as well as organ meat and bones. This number could be larger or smaller depending on the live weight of the cow.


What is the going price for freezer beef?

A whole cow is sold at $4 per pound hang weight. It's important to understand that the hang weight is how the beef cow is priced but it is not the amount of beef that the customer will take home.


What is hang weight?

Hang weight is the weight of a beef carcass after the hide, head and other parts have been removed. It includes the bones, fat and offal. The hang weight differs from the "packaged" or "take home" weight, which is what you actually pay for and take home to your freezer. Find more info. on how to calculate hang weight HERE


What is take home weight?

Take home weights are the final net weight of a freezer beef after all of the inedible by-products such as hide, head, blood, and bones have been removed and weighed. The take home weight is important because it determines the amount a customer will actually receive and is different from the live weight and hang weight. Find more info. on how to calculate take home meat HERE.



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