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Interested in buying a half of a beef?  We do this in very limited quantities. Dates available are listed below.

How much does it cost to buy half a cow?

Price for a half cow is $4 per pound hang weight. This price does not include processing. A $500 deposit is due to reserve your beef. Remaining balance will be invoiced after the beef is delivered and weighed by the processor. 

Processing costs due to "This Old Farm" at the time you are picking up your finished beef are approximately: 97¢ per pound hang weight for standard processing and another $40 -$50 for administration fees and boxes.

We have our beef processed at "This Old Farm" in Colfax, Indiana. For half and whole beef shares, the customer would be responsible for choosing and giving their cut instructions to the processor. We would be more than happy to answer any questions about this process.

What do you get when you buy half a cow?

You can learn more about how to calculate hang weight, how many pounds of meat you will take home, what cut options are available, and how much freezer space you need HERE.


  • 100% Pasture Raised
  • Grass & Grain Fed Premium Beef
  • Raised Without Hormones or Antibiotics

  • Dry-Aged

  • USDA Inspected

  • Premium Vacuum Sealed Packaging
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Insert a meat thermometer probe into the thickest part of the meat to take the temperature.


  • Dark meat (thigh, leg): 170º to 175º
  • White meat (breast, wing): 160º to 165ºF


  • Medium-rare: 120º
  • Medium: 135º

Beef & Lamb

  • Rare: 125°
  • Medium rare: 130° to 135°
  • Medium: 135° to 140°
  • Medium well: 140° to 150°
  • Well done: 155+°
  • Ground: 160°


  • Medium rare: 145°
  • Medium: 150°
  • Well done: 160°
  • Ground: 160°